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Personal Statements/Statement of Purpose/Statement of Reason/Statement of Intent/Application Essay/Statement of Academic Objectives

Our team of talented writers can craft an essay–from scratch–that is perfectly tailored to you. The incredible advantage to you is that someone is finally able to put into words precisely what you want to convey to admission or job officers.

Benefits of having us write the personal statement include the facts that we are better positioned to articulate your strengths, accomplishments and your maturity among other factors for academics be it undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate studies and also writing a letter explaining why you have a low GPA is very personal so it is only appropriate to come to DASK EduBiz Consult for your Academic statements.

You are too close to the problem situation to be able to approach it differently.When we write the personal statement we will do so as if you were writing it but we can step back from the situation and write to the admissions committee for you.

With the help of a professional writer, you can forget about making additional time for the personal statement. We will handle that for you. .………………………………….Start writing your academic statements with us ………………………………….

Resume/Curriculum Vitae writing services

The curriculum vitae is similar to a resume but formatted quite differently. The CV is usually longer and more detailed. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) differs from a Resume in that it is used for candidates who have extensive Scientific, medical, or Academic backgrounds with significantly more information to provide than a traditional Resume. This Information includes dissertations, Internship, personal hobbies and more which generally would not be included in a Resume.

The CV should be used for these types of situations and career fields or to apply for the jobs internationally where a CV may be required. There are two commonly used types of resumes

Functional: A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. It is used most often by people who are changing careers or who have gaps in their employment history.

Chronological: A chronological resume lists your work history in reverse chronological order with your current or most recent job, first. Employers typically prefer this type of resume because it’s easy to see what jobs you have held, when and how long you held them, and if there are any gaps between jobs. This type of resume works well when you have a strong, solid work history.

A Curriculum Vita is used in place of a resume if you are seeking a position in an academic, scientific, or medical field. The general format of a CV is patterned after reversechronological resumes but with more detail and information. There is not a page limit with a CV, so accomplishments are continuously added as you gain experience. We promise you will be thrilled with your new Resume/CV. Place your order and discuss your career goals and background with an expert Resume/CV writer.

Recommendation Letters/Letters of Support

It is common a referee simply cannot get around with your recommendation letter in the timeframe and wordings you need.

Have us write one or more powerful recommendation letters designed to persuade admission committees, employers and whom it may concern to call you for the admission and/or the Job Interview.

Visa Support

There is no same-day delivery of visas. Most visas are available in two (2) business days, but occasionally additional time for processing may be required due to special circumstances, incomplete applications, or administrative processing. As such, it is advised to schedule your appointment as soon as your travel plans are made and as far in advance as possible.


It is used to address certain parts of your application, be it grades, attendance records, disciplinary records, and other areas –that may need further explanation due to extraordinary or extenuating circumstances. Usually, an addendum is included to explain issues with low grades, standardized test, absence, disciplinary action, or other areas that need to be answered.

The idea behind an addendum is to give insight to an admission committee that they would be not otherwise having regarding a possible problem with your application. Whether is a lapse in the grades, poor test scores, or a long medical absence, your addendum should ideally provide answers to any possible questions or ambiguity that your application may have. It is important to note that our team by writing an addendum will essentially ask the admissions committee to make an exception- that is to reconsider these issues and to evaluate your application differently than they would have ordinarily.

Research/Project Work

Practical Research is the empirical study of a topic, generally enquiring a hands experimental approach. Typically this demands methods that include observations, interviews, surveys, or discussion groups. Conversely, theoretical research is more attentive to the examination of a defined topic through published work and literary archives.

Methods of Research

Qualitative Research
Qualitative research takes a more exploratory approach and is tasked with understanding fundamental reasons, opinions, and motivation associated with specific trends. More in-depth than qualitative surveys involving a smaller sample size and selected respondents.

Quantitative research
Quantitative research, on the other hand, is used to estimate a problem using statistical and numerical data. Typically it involves larger populations and back to uncover patterns in data. 
If you need research work completed you can find the team for the Job at DASK EduBiz Consult. The team has talented researchers to ace your research work.
Find the perfect experienced research analysts for your research works.

Embassy Interview

The Visa applicant will be asked several questions to decide on approval or denial. After the interview, the Consular Officer will approve or reject your Visa.

Passport Services

Get a new passport in two weeks
Renew your passport in two weeks.
Also, contact us for your passport if needed in a few days

Article writing & Publishing

A DASK EduBiz Consult article writer is extensively trained in creating content, which speaks to your customers in their language, engage them and helps you connect with your audience.

And if you are in the business of online or offline publishing, then the content is your mainstay and we can deliver what it takes to hold your readers’ attention.

Graduate Record Examination

Tuition-One on one and in groups.

Sales of GRE reading materials-Door to Door Services

Career and Employability Skills-Application

Resume/Curriculum Vitae –CV writing Services
Our team of professional resume/CV writers will carefully analyze your background and experience to strategically create the most effective ways to present your best on a new Resume /CV designed to make prospective employers call you.

Internet Resume Posting Services
We will write your Resume and post it online if you want us to do so. You will look even more professional and attractive to employers (from a career standpoint). We will create a page just for you and post your new professional resume on it, so that anyone to whom you choose to show He/ she can view it with the click of a mouse.

Professional Resume/Resume by Industry or Job Fiel
Get a Professional Resume if you have above two years of work experience. Professional Resume is an important tool to attract the attention of prospective employers and get you the Job Interviews.

Career Resume/Resume by Career Level
If you have Executive level experience or will be applying for a senior management position .

Student Resume
It is often the most difficult to prepare as a student or entry-level professionals. Without extensive experience, you have to find other areas of your training to highlight on the resume.

Cover Letters
An attention-grabbing cover letter can be the difference between your Resume being brushed aside and it is thoroughly looked over and considered for an Interview. Your cover letter is the most personal part of your application and it absolutely most creatively, professionally, and succinctly grabs the attention of its reader. It’s been proven that a strong cover letter will dramatically increase the likelihood that employers will pay attention to your Resume/CV. The more you invest in your own career, the more quickly you are likely to find the Job you want.

Standards Covering letter: Used in the application for advertised Jobs mostly.
Speculative Covering letter: You would send this if you were enquiring about the possibility of a Job.
Networking cover letter: Used to arrange an informational interview.