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DASK Edubiz Consult – #2020 Admission and Scholarship

DASK Edubiz Consult-

Congratulations. We are enthused about the fact that you have followed through your idealistic ambitions and are determined to uncover every opportunity to school abroad on a scholarship.

Quality education that counts is necessary for achieving one’s dreams. Nonetheless, obtaining this high level of education comes with huge financial implications. In a bid to offset this challenge, DASK EduBiz Consult identifies scholarship avenues not only accessible to A students but also C Students. Hence, If you are a C student, you can also school abroad on a DASK Scholarship at DASK EduBiz Consult.


What you need to know however is the fact that we have a record, dating to the last five years in securing scholarships for our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to create a profile of yourself that appeals to admission committees, program and graduate directors and present you as the best candidate for admission and financial assistance. Our resoluteness does not end there. We have a record of recommending our clients for consideration as a tutorial/teaching, research, administrative, pre-professional graduate assistantships and other work-study options in their respective schools. This means while you enjoy the scholarship and not have to worry about fees, living expenses, and rent, you receive extra cash.

Having mentioned all this, I must add that our biggest commitment to you is to connect you with your interest, career plan and aspiration with the Ivy League schools you dream about to the famous universities scattered across the USA, Canada, Europe and the Scandinavian Countries.

Our other commitments are detailed to ensure that you have all the writing solutions you need. From preparing your business proposals, sponsorship proposals, corporate presentations, admission essays, report & article writing, proofreading, cover letter, CVs and résumés to every other script solution you need. It is also within our expertise to support your Visa process-thus visa booking and re-booking, reference letter, GRE/GMAT/LSAT/IELTS tuition and sale of materials, passport, etc.

Our team would provide professional assistance as we are guaranteed continued business with you by your satisfaction with our services. Feel free to contact us with the solutions you need and watch us deliver with efficiency. I am personally waiting to discuss your concerns in pursuance of your scholarship abroad and other matters of interest to you. Aspire to be a DASK Scholar and be an impacting global citizen. Thank You

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Dask Edubiz Consult is a scholarship abroad educational consultancy firm, here to direct you throughout your process in gaining admission abroad.

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The greatest appeal of studying in Abroad is its academic environment where one can study state-of-the-art technology and acquire the knowledge that enabled Europe’s economic growth.

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